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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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in the foreground there. this is friday, august 31st. yeah, the last day of the month. the heat is making a late summer comeback. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. we'll check in with tucker and julie in a moment. a star studded end to the rnc convention in tampa, florida and a personal appeal from the newly crowned republican presidential nominee. [ applause ] >> mitt romney used his 45- minute speech to reintroduce himself to the nation and hammer away at president obama. >> now the republican ticket hits the road starting with a stop today in richmond. for more, we turn to jennifer davis, live in tampa. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony and allison. yes, they're breaking down the security check points and there were a lot of them. that will take a while.
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they're cleaning up inside the forum, which is quiet and dark this morning. but last night it was really rocking in there, as mitt romney delivered his speech, talking about faith and family and his hopes of restoring america. it's official, mitt romney becomes the gop's presidential candidate. >> e rose, which he put on her bedside table. >> reporter: on politics he spared no expense, hammering away at president obama and the need for change. >> america has been patient. americans have supported this president in good faith. but today the time has come to turn the page. >> reporter: romney said unlike president obama he supports business. >> in america we support assess, not apologize for success. that newt is out there -- future is out there, waiting
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for us. >> reporter: rising stars like marco rubio -- >> america is a place where tomorrow is always better than yesterday. >> reporter: the surprise guest was revealed. clint eastwood is getting lots of attention. >> so mr. president, how do you handle, how do you handle promises you made when you were running for election? >> reporter: now that the convention here is over, the race is back on for the republican ticket. romney and ryan have a rally this morning in florida, and they'll hop on new campaign airplanes and head up in your direction. they have an afternoon rally in virginia. live in tampa, i'm jennifer davis, fox news. back to you. >> thank you very much. president obama meanwhile heads to north carolina next week for his party's convention. but first today he flies to texas. he'll meet with military
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families and deliver an address to u.s. troops. isaac keeps growing weaker now as it moves inland. it's now been downgraded to a tropical depression. after dumping heavy rain on the gulf coast for three days, the damage has been done. the storm is now being blamed for at least two deaths and crews have pulled hundreds of others from high water. thousands living along the mississippi river had to evacuate their homes yesterday because of severe flooding. it could get worse, though, in the coming days. meantime, the hundreds of thousands of people who braved the floods are still living in the dark. >> understand, even as the storm has moved through our state, we could still see more rain which could lead to more localized flooding. >> i didn't take it seriously, and about 1:00 our cars were about to flood. both of our cars got flooded in the process. so we just stuck it out. >> i said we're going to have
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to get out because we're still taking in water. >> look at that picture. like up to, in that home, up to the second floor. unbelievable. things are calm here, luckily. tucker barnes joins us with a look at that. >> good morning. yeah, we're off it a nice start. saw the sunrise there. lots of sunshine. should be a beautiful day. but hot later this afternoon, as we get into our friday. remnants of isaac the end of the weekend could bring us showers as well. look at current temperatures, now at reagan national we're in the 70s. 73degrees. lots of 60s west and north of the city this morning. manassas 63. 61 in frederick. there is fog to the west, locally dense in a few spots, with visibilities half a mile or less. the fog will burn off and should be a bright and beautiful day. look how quiet our radar is. no activity across the mid atlantic and with bright sunshine and wind out of the
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south and west today, it will be a lot afternoon. yesterday our high temperatures were in the upper 80s. today, low to mid-90s. be ready for a hot one later today. here's your forecast. should be dry with hot conditions, upper 80s by noon, and close to 95 by 5:00 p.m. more details on the weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. let's toss it to julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> it's been a busy friday morning here for folks on the roads. skyfox with us. problems southbound along the baltimore washington parkway. pileup cleared. but the backup still there, and here's where we find another incident, southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. most confined to the narrow right shoulder. causing a tight tweeze off of powder hill. delays continue from before powder mill headed into riverdale. a lot of folks picking up 50 as
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the alternate. we have other problems, out of waldorf, accident activity 301. traffic inbound stacked up traveling out of st. mary's county. if you're traveling eastbound 66, no problems. traffic slowing out of manassas out of vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. if you are getting away this labor day weekend, you should have lots of company on the roads. estimated 799,000 area washington residents are heading out for the traditional last blast of summer. drivers will encounter high gas prices. today the national average for a gallon of regular is at $3.83. but averages for d.c., maryland and virginia actually went down a few cents overnight. most road projects are on hold for the holiday weekend.
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topping headlines at home, maryland's recording its first fatality from west nile virus. no word on the victim's identity, age, nor where he or she lived. according to state health officials, the state has had 13 cases so far this year. that's compared to 19 total in 2011, last year. nationwide cases are up 40%. officials blame an early spring and a hot summer. to fight the spread of the virus, maryland will spray in baltimore county next week. a barbershop and hair braiding shop are damaged in an early morning fire. happened around 3:30 this morning in the 3800 block of 34th street in mount rainier, maryland. no word what caused the fire. a chevy chase man convicted of killing his girlfriend while students at the university of
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virginia will spend the next two decades in jail. yesterday a judge sentenced george huguely to 23 years in prison. that's three years less than the jury recommended by nine more than the defense and his family asked for. he apologized to love's family yesterday. in response to the punishment, her family released a statement saying that they "find no joy in others' sorrow." the former navy seal who penned a book about the death of osama bin laden will likely face charges. he violated two nondisclosure agreements with the navy not to divulge secrets. the book is set to hit shelves next week. new this morning, a major d.c. landmark, really the nation's landmark, reopening today.
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>> after undergoing a renovation, the reflecting pool will be accessible to the public. fox5's sherri ly is down on the national mall checking out the site. it has been an eye sore during the construction period. is it better this morning? >> reporter: not just during the construction, but even the years leading up to the construction it had become an eye sore. now it's beautiful. they still have the fence up around here. there are some workers putting what seem to be finishing touches on here. the fence we would expect would come down some time today, and then the pool itself was refilled. that was finished earlier last week. and after 20 months of construction, nearly two years, it will finally reopen today to the public. the reflecting pool was almost completely reconstructed and redesigned in a $34 million project. the stagnant pool's water that was setimes smelly now has a
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new filtration system. it will be fed with 4 million gallons of water from the tidal basin. the water will be cleaned and recirculated. before this the pool lost about 500,000 gallons of water every week. since there was no filtration system it had to be drained and cleaned twice a year. the national park service added cosmetic touches. it has a tinted concrete that will improve the reflectivivity of the pool. the walkways replaced with a paved path, and it's now wheelchair accessible. additional lighting for those who want to come here at night. and it's beautiful at night as well. some 25 million people visit here every year. it has been closed like i said since 2010, two years as an eye sore, but now this makeover beautiful. the national park service says when people come back here and see it now, it will be worth the wait. that's the latest out here at
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the national mall, back to you. >> can't wait. thank you very much, sherri. an "american idol" stunner. sources say one of the last men standing, the last man standing in fact, is out. >> still ahead at 7:00, we're going to tell you about randy jackson's rumored new role. >> plus, the day nfl hopefuls fear the most. we're going to take a look at the redskins' roster as coach shanahan gets ready to drop the ax. >> first, a final farewell to an american hero. how the nation will pay tribute to astronaut neil armstrong. >> as we head to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic, it's coming up next. it's friday morning. we'll be right back. ♪ we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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we're following breaking news out of northern new jersey. reports there that a shooting overnight inside a grocery store has left several people dead. we understand police were called to the store in old bridge, new jersey, around 4:00 this morning. workers were reportedly stocking shelves when a gunman opened fire. one television station is reporting there was a shootout with the gunman and the gunman is dead. making headlines this morning, a legal victory for tech giant samsung. a tokyo court ruled today that samsung did not infringe on an apple patent in technology used to sync samsung's smartphones and tablets to computer. this is a different case than the one last week in which a u.s. jury found samsung guilty and ordered that company to pay apple a billion dollars. 125 harvard university students are accused of cheating on a take home final exam last spring for an intro
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to congress class. this came to light when the course's professor noticed similarities in many of the tests. officials haven't determined if it's specific plagiarizing or inappropriate collaboration. the funeral service for astronaut neil armstrong will take place today. the first man to step foot on the moon died last week at the age of 82. the private service will take place in ohio. a public memorial service is planned for early next month here in washington. details yet to be worked out on that. what's up be tucker? >> before i do the weather, a face book fan wrote in and asked if we could give her husband a happy birthday. he's recently converted to fox 5. his name is shannon. happy birthday, hope you get to ride your harley today, she says. >> happy birthday. >> and welcome to the show. >> nice day to ride your harley, but it will be hot.
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>> i have a question for shannon, what's up leather when it's hot outside when you're riding your hog? >> not an expert. >> i have to ask shannon. >> this is the moon earlier this morning. we are seeing a blue moon. official full moon, tucker is this morning -- >> i think about 9:30. you'll get it tonight, same effect. blue moon is two full moons in the same month. >> that's gorgeous. >> maybe that's the moon saying thank you to neil armstrong. >> fitting. >> beautiful. so pretty. >> check it out tonight, too. let's do temperatures. here in washington, 73 degrees. hints of fog to our north and west. international falls 42. turning the corner to september tomorrow. today we're going to be enjoying one more day of
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summertime heat with highs expected to be back in the mid- 90s. the main player in the weather world continues to be the remnants of isaac. you can see it spinning close to st. louis. bringing cloud cover and eventually showers. that moisture will get picked up and pushed toward the mid- atlantic towards the end of the weekend. headed to the mountains, beaches today, in washington we'll be fine later today. i think saturday is fine. sunday and monday a better chance we'll see that moisture in the form of showers and thunderstorms. it's not going to be a perfect holiday weekend, but much of the weekend should be dry. there's your seven-day forecast, 95 today, and 91 tomorrow with more humidity in the forecast by tomorrow. then a little unsettled into early next week. eventually highs back near 80 thursday with sunshine. >> what are all those extra days? >> yeah. >> we have a new affiliation
7:19 am
with accu weather and they're providing us with a seven-day forecast now instead of five- day forecast. >> actually i do the seven-day forecast -- >> i like it i think very much. >> yeah. >> i like it, too. it's a whole lot of information in a short period of time. >> i'm not used to it. >> we have to get used to it. >> let's go to julie wright to get the update on traffic. julie. >> it is nice, the more you know, right? >> yeah. >> that's right. >> on the roads now, the bw parkway, the five car pileup before you reach 450 cleared. delays 198 to annapolis road. a lot of folks bailing out using 50, but it too is slow
7:20 am
from 410 into northeast. accident activity 301 at leonardtown road. bean town road towards 301, that will be your work around. southbound 270 a better ride. no problems to report in germantown. lanes are opening traveling south leaving 118. you'll hit the brakes between 124 and 370. delays on 95 with you, making your way from boynton. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. in sports it's d day for nfl players on the bubble. teams have until 9:00 tonight to trim their rosters from 75 to 53. there's word the redskins have informed backup center eric cook he is being released. over the weekend the redskins will sign eight players to their practice squad. the nats return home for a series against the cardinals. >> they went into last night's game looking to make it two wins in a row. >> and that ball heading for
7:21 am
the bullpen. he's done it again. >> bryce harper is out of his slump. he hit his third homerun in two games. then in the bottom of the 5th, werth blasted a homer to go up by 4. they win 8-1 and lead the braves by five and a half games in the nl east. second annual at&t nation's football classic kicks off today. tomorrow is the student debate called the game before the game. the actual football game between moore house college and howard university is saturday and it wraps up with a sunday chapel service. big deal. >> it is. coming up next, making over the national mall. we told you about the new work on the reflecting pool. now we'll tell you about two other construction projects about to break ground. >> and later, the sounds of summer. our holly morris is live at the kennedy center with the national symphony orchestra as
7:22 am
it gets ready for its annual labor day show. if we're lucky, we may get a special performance. >> 7:21, it's a friday morning. we'll be right back. ♪    [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be? revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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in a few weeks crews will begin construction on the capitol to install the inaugural stand. the 2013 presidential inauguration will be held january 21st, because the traditional day, 22nd is on a sunday. the trucks for the national mall looking to grow its ranks to at least 100 by the end of the year. the group's volunteers focus on
7:26 am
areas of the mall without monuments and memorials nearby. the committee overseeing the construction of an eisenhower memorial is moving forward with its plans. planners debuted a preview of the memorial this week. the washington examiner reports it shows how future visitors can use a smartphone app to access information while visiting the site. the controversial memorial has yet to be approved by the memorial commission, and eisenhower's family has made it clear they are opposed to the design. he's a hollywood legend, but he left some fans scratching their heads with a sometimes bizarre one-man show during last night's republican convention. >> still ahead, we're going to show you how clint eastwood's imaginary one-on-one with the commander-in-chief win. >> did the new republican nominee accomplish his goal? ♪ >> first, the latest weather and traffic from tucker and
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julie. it's 7:27 now. you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪ that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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i'll start it, you finish it. go ahead -- >> all: make my day. >> dirty harry himself, clint east wood made a surprise appearance at the republican convention last night. in one of his more normal moments in his speech, he led the delegates in a recitation as one of his most famous movie, as you see there. he also featured a mock conversation with an empty chair, which was supposed to represent president obama. the crowd cheered, but reaction on twitter was mixed at best. roger ebert said it came across as sad and pathetic. 7:30 right now. we'll leave the politics to you in an up coming segment and get into it. i love it. let's talk about the weather. >> meanwhile, hot. going to be hot later today. not so much now. enjoy your next couple of
7:31 am
hours. this afternoon, back in the august heat. >> i don't mind it. >> celebrate the end of summer, meteorological fall starts tomorrow. >> i did hear that. i have friends in meteorological corners, or circles. >> high temperatures from yesterday, 89 at reagan national. 89 dulles. bwi marshall 87. expected to be in the mid-90s today. won't be terribly humid, but on the increase tonight and really tomorrow and sunday. humidity will be back with a vengeance. 73 in washington currently. generally as it gets south and east of the city, 70s. 75 in annapolis. comfortable off to the north and west. dew point temperatures are lower and a little fog. 57 in martinsberg. even mid-90s in the urban areas later today. bright sunshine throughout the day. winds have shifted out of the
7:32 am
south and west. there's your radar, nice and quiet day expected. not showing features here locally. we have to get out to the west, and the main player continues to be the remnants of isaac, now a tropical depression. you can see it still has tropical characterifics there and heavy rain. that will push to st. louis and get thrown back to the mid- atlantic the end of the weekend. today we should be dry. i think we'll squeak out tomorrow dry and the tropical moisture will stream in here the second half of sunday and monday and give us a good chance of showers and storms around here. forecast today, 95. that's a hot one. mostly sunny skies and hot this afternoon. should be dry, winds out of the south and west at 5 to 10. warm and muggy overnight. not going to cool off a lot late night. there's your accu weather seven- day forecast, 91 tomorrow, lots of humidity. showers and storms return sunday and monday.
7:33 am
and then we bump around a little bit, end of next week, highs only 80 by thursday. let's do traffic and see what julie is offering up this morning. >> i'm trying to hold onto this summer until every last minute i can. >> you going to the beach? >> yes. >> excellent. >> i'll be soaking up the rays. on the roads now, you'll find over two hour community southbound on the baltimore washington parkway heading to the beltway and towards 450. the five-car pileup has cleared. 35 minute ride south of the beltway through riverdale. on the brakes leaving 410. some improvement there. helicopter just left the scene of the accident. use leonardtown bean town road as your work around.
7:34 am
northbound side of the roadway, no one is able to get by. southbound it was the left lane tied up. lanes open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. this is 66. struggling in from centreville fair oaks. northbound i-95, tapping the brakes headed for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the 2012 republic national convention is now in the books, and now it's time for the romney-ryan ticket to get back on the campaign trail. they'll do so today with a rally in richmond. >> now is the moment when we can stand up and say, i'm an american, i make my destiny. we deserve better. my children deserve better. my family deserves better. my country deserves better. [ applause ] >> with reaction to romney's speech and the republic national convention we're joined by our friend, former
7:35 am
democratic congressman of illinois, marty russo, and live from tampa, robert walker, former republican congressman of pennsylvania, and now executive chair of wechsler and walker. good to see both of you. >> good ning. >> bob, how are you doing in tampa? how are you doing? >> it's a little warm down here, but we had an exciting night last night, and everybody is ready to hit the campaign trail. >> let me ask you this, you were there, you're in the hall, you heard the speech firsthand, do you think romney did the job? >> i think he did. i think clearly he made certain that the campaign is going to be focused on the economic issues. i think he made the case that the president has failed presidency in that regard. and that we have answers that will change the trajectory and create jobs in america. >> do you think that he was
7:36 am
able, along with the others who talked about him, his wife a couple of nights before, was he able to come across a more personalbly and more warmly than some say he has in the past? >> i think that was part of the goal of the convention and i think we started down that road. clearly, some of the people that have known him for a long time, i think made an effective case on his behalf. but i think the american people still have some time to get to know mitt romney better. but i think we have scheduled a different portrait of him than was the common wisdom before this. >> and marty, your take? >> bob, i had to watch it last night, and -- >> had to watch it. >> had to watch it so i could comment today. let me say, i thought the video of the man, mitt romney, was very moving. it was really a well done
7:37 am
piece. it built up nice momentum and the momentum got killed by the rambling speech of clint eastwood. and the in fact marco rubio was still talking at 10:40 p.m. last night, i thought that destroyed the momentum built up by this wonderful video. and i think governor romney then got the momentum back. he told the personal story, i thought the spot about his father gave his mother a rose every day, and one day the rose wasn't there anymore, kind of choked me up a little bit. then i was waiting for governor romney to talk about his vision, what he -- the vision for america going forward. and frankly, bob, i would say this, where is the beef? what is it? what's romney's vision for the future of america? it was a lot of rhetoric. so i think he lost that kind of opportunity to tell the american people, and the independent voter, here's my
7:38 am
plan. hopefully next week when the democrats have their convention, when president obama speaks, he'll lay out his plan. >> some of the comments i'm reading this morning, reaction to the speech, and generally it's a well received speech, i think, although some people have the same criticisms about what happened before. we'll talk about that. but there are some criticisms we still didn't get a lot of details from mitt romney. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, i think there's more detail yet to come. clearly what romney did was say that he is going to deal with the economy with private sector initiatives. i think it was clear by the end of romney's speech he does have a plan going forward that will rely on entrepreneurship and a lot of investment by the private sector in creating the jobs in the future, as opposed to government stimulus programs and the kinds of efforts this administration has been engaged
7:39 am
in. i think we need to know the details of exactly how those programs will work and my guess is that during the campaign we're going to get more of that. >> bob, let me ask you, because marty alluded to this, and unfortunately for governor romney, the water cooler moment that people seem to be talking about is clint eastwood and what was sometimes a bizarre speech, and the whole thing with the empty chair. how did that play to you in the hall? >> well, first of all, i agree with marty that the biographical piece was excellent, and i heard one commentator say this morning we ought to play that on a loop over and over during the campaign, and i tend to agree with that. i think eastwood went longer than he was supposed to. while the delegates in the hall ate it up, i'm not so certain that that was the way to get the momentum going into the rubio address, and then what
7:40 am
was a very good speech by mitt romney. i agree with marty that it somewhat broke the rhythm there. and we needed to make certain that the rhythm stayed pretty solid throughout. >> for a well run convention, and i think the republicans did a heck of a job, especially given the fact they lost one day, the staging was just wrong. it would have been better if eastwood spoke, rubio spoke, and usually the video comes just before romney would have come out. and i think it would have set the stage. i think it would have been much more effective had the video been first, and then mitt romney right after. >> i'm sure with hindsight, that's how they would do things, if they can do them again. >> that's probably right. and the fact is that i think they were thrilled to have clint eastwood there and certainly he was warmly received by the delegates.
7:41 am
but the issue last night was to make sure mitt romney had his moment in the sun, and anything that broke the momentum toward that i think undercut what we were trying to achieve. having said that -- >> bob, part of the problem, and i think we're spending too much time talking about clint eastwood and not enough time talking about mitt romney. that's part of the problem. when you come out of a convention like that, you want to be talking about solely about mitt romney. and i think the video would have done that. you lost the momentum. >> gentlemen, unfortunately, i have to wrap it up here. i do suspect, though, we will see that video more featured in commercials and all that kind of thing. bob walker in tampa -- >> i think so, too. >> thank you for joining us. see you hopefully next week. marty, hopefully see you next week. >> thanks, guys. >> allison. thanks, gentlemen. still ahead at 7:00, huge news about the future of "american idol." another familiar face may be on the way out, or at least moved over a little bit. we'll be right back.
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we have an update on the breaking news out of new jersey
7:45 am
this morning. a shooting overnight inside of a grocery store. we told you about this earlier. now the associated press is quoting a law enforcement official who says three people, including the gunman, are dead. there were reports that the gunman opened fire on workers who were stocking shelves at the store in old bridge, new jersey. the store was not open at the time. we understand three people, including the gunman, were killed. it is 7:45 now. tucker barnes joins us again with more details on what looks to be a rather steamy nine day of august. >> going to be a hot one, with temperatures in the 90s. steamy weekend and eventually the tropical moisture of isaac will get in here and bring us showers monday. heating up today. let's do headlines, and i mentioned the humidity this weekend. not so much today, but saturday and sunday you'll notice the humidity creeping back. showers back in the forecast by sunday. i think they'll hold off tomorrow. let me mention we have a new
7:46 am
tropical storm in the central atlantic, leslie. not a terribly powerful storm and not likely to impact land areas. already down to the letter l and not yet september 1st. remnants of isaac bring heavy rain to our west. watch what happens over the next couple of days here. rain showers towards st. louis later this afternoon. we're going to be great later today, but hot, with highs expected to be in the low to mid-90s. tomorrow, more in the way of cloudiness. i think the showers will hold off tomorrow. but by sunday, some of that tropical moisture from the west will start to move in and could bring us shower storms sunday, and monday, and maybe tuesday as well. 95 today. temperatures cooling off later this weekend, and eventually will feel like september by the middle of next week, with highs
7:47 am
of 80 by thursday. >> very good. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's find out what's happening on the area roadways. >> but today it will feel like summer again. >> yes. i know you love it. >> tony, be honest, everybody wants to know, did you at any time over the summer canon ball off the high dive? >> i did not. however, i was in the pool quite a bit. >> you did make it into the pool, that's good. >> yes. >> on the roads now you're going to find cleaning up accident activity off new hampshire avenue. no longer blocked at this time. pace not so bad now on the inner -- or outer loop at university boulevard. 66remains slow leaving fair oaks headed to 123 and again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you very much. big news from "american idol" this morning. one of the last men standing
7:48 am
may be on his way out. tmz reports randy jackson is leaving the judge's table, but he will stay with the show as a mentor. the web site also reports jackson will be replaced by nicki minaj and they'll add a fourth judge at a later date. next on fox 5 morning news, a special lesson from the new head of the nso pops. >> holly is live at the kennedy center with more. good friday morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, and we are having a special friday. the nso every labor day does a concert on the west lawn of the capitol and we're going to talk about it. it's absolutely free. usually you see the orchestra as a whole. we're meeting some of the faces. there's only one tuba player, and he's here live this morning, and i'm going to have a lesson next. stay with us. 
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♪ i just came to say hello ♪ all right. hello, time for our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to jason. jason says he loves fox 5 morning news for bringing him and his family great news in the morning, in addition to traffic and weather. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under jason's picture. getting them younger and younger. >> that's great. this week families are ledding to the -- heading to the capitol lawn for the labor day weekend concert and it's free to the public. >> holly morris joins us live from the kennedy center with more. you're going to try to play that big tuba? >> reporter: absolutely. you know me, i'm always looking for backup plans after i'm done with news. this might be it. we're having a lot of fun here. when you talk about the concert that goes on this sunday night on the west lawn of the
7:53 am
capitol, it's a tradition since 1979. it's free to your family. it's super fun. you can't get a better setting, unless you're on the terrace of the kennedy center where we are. i'm joined by steve, the principle tuba player. good morning to you. >> hello. >> reporter: we're giving the tuba player his due this morning. you don't often get the lime light. soak it up, steve. take it in. listen, you've been the principle tuba player for what, six years now? >> this is my eighth season. >> reporter: i didn't know that, like, professional orchestras only have one full- time tuba player. there's not a lot of you out there. >> no, there aren't. maybe, between 50 and 60 full- time tuba playing jobs. >> reporter: what's it like? >> i love it. it's a dream come true. playing the tuba, once i picked it up, i wanted to do it through a living. and now i get paid. >> reporter: when you are
7:54 am
playing as a whole with the orchestra, give me a sense of what it's like to be enveloped by that sound. >> it's the great seat in the house. you might see a lot of times i'm sitting there not playing, but i'm listening, enjoying it. some of the best players in the world in my sitting. >> reporter: and you. i might as well get a lesson from one of the best in the world. let's talk about how to play the tuba. >> okay. it's super easy. anybody can do it. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> there was the old movie with lauren bacall where she says put your lips together and blow. it's what playing the tuba is. do this for me, holly [ sound of tuba ] >> really good. this is your mouth piece. take that. put it on your lips and do what
7:55 am
you just did. [ tuba sound ] >> pick up your tuba. >> reporter: lesson number one, don't play a skirt. that's okay, what needs to be lady-like? i'm picking up the tuba, which is kind of heavy. >> need a hand? >> reporter: there we go. put the mouth piece in. >> do that thing into the mouth piece again. [ playing tuba ] >> so good. that is a great song. >> reporter: your job might be in jeopardy. put your thumb there, a finger on each one of the valves. press these two buttons. the first two. play a note. perfect. >> reporter: did that sound any different? >> it sounds amazing. >> reporter: do you know tubas come in four different keys? i loved that from steve. you play those different -- >> i just play the two. >> reporter: just the two? someone else plays the other
7:56 am
one or you don't need the other one? >> i don't need the other one. >> reporter: we don't need to talk about them. we're going to play? >> yeah, a little duet. when i look at you, just play that note that i just showed you how to play. >> reporter: i'm in charge of one note. >> i'll look at you when it's time to play. ready? >> reporter: ready. ♪ [ tuba playing ] [ "pop goes the weasel" playing ] >> reporter: i think i need to take it on the road. >> i think so, too. >> reporter: all right. they're going to play a lot more that's a lot better than that come sunday night on the west lawn of the capitol. is our web site. we have a link to the orchestra so you can find out about their whole season coming up. lots of different concerts for
7:57 am
you to enjoy, including here. i'm moving on to percussion. all i have to do is hit something, right? as simple as that. >> thanks, holly, that's a lot of fun. >> coming up, the recent case involving george huguely and yeardly love has raised concern about domestic violence. >> how can you help your child make smart, safe decisions? that's coming up at 8:15. i'll sit down with the author of "intimate partner violence" for a look at the most common mistakes.   
7:58 am
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today the time has come to turn the page. today the time has come for us to put the disappointments of the last four years behind us. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney delivers his acceptance speech to wrap up the gop convention. did he connect with the american people? we'll go live to tampa. >> also, isaac, the flooding rains are now dumping on arkansas and missouri after
8:01 am
leaving a mess behind along the gulf coast. we'll get a live update from new orleans. >> the last blast of summer is here. nearly 800,000 washington area residents are getting out of town to enjoy the labor day weekend. we have information from aaa if you haven't left yet. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. tropical depression isaac may be weakening but it doesn't mean the rain has stopped. it's soaking parts of the midsection after leaving a mess behind in louisiana and mississippi. >> the storm is to blame for at least two deaths and thousands have been evacuated from their homes. more than three-quarters of a million people in louisiana, mississippi and arkansas are still in the dark. one bright spot, the airport in new orleans is back open today. we'll take you to the gulf coast in a few minutes. now we want to say good morning to our friend, tucker
8:02 am
barnes. it's a minute after the hour. what's in store? >> want to enjoy the last days of summer. >> i am wanting to enjoy the last days of summer. >> then i have a forecast you'll love. how about low to mid-90s? haven't done that in a couple of weeks. >> no, we haven't. >> definitely a lot one. starting on the warm side, at least in the city. 74 at reagan national. 77 in annapolis. only 8:00 a.m. 75 in salisbury. more comfortable farther north and west. winchester 63 degrees. expecting lots of sunshine today. our winds have shifted overnight out of the south and west. with the winds out of the south and west here, that will pump in this warmer air for a couple of days. today and tomorrow, the 90s. and cooler with more cloud cover towards the end of the weekend. but going down to the beaches or mountains, should be beautiful couple of days. expect highs in the mid-90s. will feel like it did much of
8:03 am
july and middle of august today. thank you very much. let's go to julie wright now. hey, julie. >> tony, who decides it's the end of summer? how come i didn't get a say in that? >> technically it's actually, you know, summer goes until -- when is the last day of summer? late september. we'll talk about it later. >> you don't get a say, julie. >> that's just not right. outer loop of the beltway, delay continues from 95 to coalsville road. on the brakes westbound 495. southbound bw parkway tied up 198 to powder mill road. 395 not a bad trip now crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. heading out of town, now is the
8:04 am
time to leave. busy travel hours expected to be between noon and 6:00 this evening. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks, julie. checking top stories for this friday morning, four firefighters burned while battling an apartment fire last night in temple hills. they're out of the hospital this morning. it happened on huntley square drive around 10:00 p.m. a firefighter who shared his air mask with a woman trapped in the apartment remains hospitalized. maryland has recorded its first fatality this year from west nile virus. no word on the identity or age or where she or she lived. but maryland has had 13 cases of west nile virus so far this year. that's compared to 19 total in 2011. nationwide, west nile cases are up 40%. officials blame an early spring and a really hot summer. to fight the spread of the
8:05 am
virus, maryland's department agriculture will spray in baltimore county next week. the 2012 republican national convention is in the history books. it wrapped up last night with mitt romney officially becoming the gop presidential nominee. during the most important speech of his political career, romney reintroduced little to the nation -- himself to the nation and took a few jabs at president obama. >> you know there's something wrong when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. >> romney went on to describe himself as the leader who can fix the economy. he also spoke about his faith, commitment to women and his business career. so did the romney campaign achieve their goals? jennifer davis is live in tampa, florida, with a look back. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, the romney campaign believed this was successful. they certainly got a very good
8:06 am
reception inside this hall, as more than 100,000 balloons fell onto the floor of the forum. this crowd went crazy. the campaign hopes certainly they see a bounce in the polls, that voters around the country respond well, too. we certainly saw a more personal side to mitt romney in this speech than we typically do. we talked about his parents. he talked about how his father left a rose for his mother by her bedside every day and she learned he passed away when there wasn't a rose there one morning. he got a little choked up about that and talking about his children. there were home videos of him with his family shown. certainly a window into mitt the man, not just the candidate. then you heard him not so much aggressive as paul ryan was the day before, but expressing disappointment with president obama, saying he had hoped for the country to succeed, but that president obama just had not delivered and mitt romney said he is ready to turn the page and do what president obama cannot. democrats this morning saying the speech was short on
8:07 am
specifics. they'll get more time to rebut all of the claims we heard here in tampa this week, because they are going to hold their convention in charlotte next week. >> one of the more striking moments seems to have been the video that was shown, putting more emphasis on the personal side of mitt romney and his story. how was the reception to that in the hall? >> reporter: that was a very big hit. certainly we heard romney himself talk about personal things in the speech. but they looked for other ways to get across the personal side of the story. the video was an enormous way they did that. we understand his campaign had been locked in a hotel room here, figuratively speaking, but all week long they worked on the video. we heard emotional stories from other people giving a window into the mitt romney they know, not the presidential candidate, but the leader in their church for example. we heard from several families talking about how he counseled
8:08 am
them as their children were dying from chronic diseases. there were a lot of tears on the floor. but this is as supportive an audience you can get, no question. we'll be waiting to see how people around the country will respond. they'll jump on the trail and they'll head up in your direction. they have a rally this morning in florida. they have brand-new campaign airplanes to fly them over the country they'll be boarding this morning. their first postconventional rally will be in richmond today. >> thank you, jennifer, we'll talk to you soon. meanwhile, president obama heads to north carolina next week for his party's convention. but today the president heads to texas. there he'll meet with military families and deliver an address to u.s. troops. honest abe can see his reflection once again. >> still ahead, we'll go live to the national mall where a major makeover project is finally done. >> plus, the lacrosse murder
8:09 am
case changed the way we see dating violence on campuses. do you know how to protect your child when they're away at school? we'll talk to an expert. it's 8:09.  
8:10 am
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♪ blue, blue, blue moon ♪ we are being treated to a blue moon. blue moons aren't actually blue. it's the second full moon in a month. we had a full moon 29 days ago. it was full overnight and will be so again overnight. the lunar event is happening the same day as the funeral for astronaut neil armstrong, the first man to ever set foot on the moon's surface. that is a beautiful image there. >> i like the band sha na na. was that them? >> i don't know if that was them or not. >> tucker barnes is standing
8:13 am
by. he's got a look at the -- it was the marcels, our producer is telling me. >> that's what i was thinking. time for our my first 5 photo of the day. >> baby jack. >> say hello to baby jack. jack, as many young children do, knows his way around a remote control. likes to change the station to fox 5. >> excellent, yea! i love it. >> jack and his family start every morning watching fox 5. we appreciate it, jack. >> can i tell you something? >> yeah. >> i love that baby face. >> such a thoughtful look. >> i love that baby face. >> it is reflective, isn't it? >> adorable. >> we hope you have a great day with your family, and you have a good holiday weekend as well.
8:14 am
let's do weather and we'll be hot this afternoon. jack will need a hat to stay out of the sun with temperatures expected to be back into the 90s. the 90s back in the forecast. haven't done that a lot in the last couple of weeks. started off the month hot and will end the month on a hot note, too, with temperatures warmer than yesterday. currently 74 degrees in washington. 74. humidity not terrible. won't be terrible today. creeping up later tonight and during the weekend as we start to feel the effects of that tropical moisture. 66 in gaithersburg. 66 in culpeper. these temperatures will zoom into the upper 80s by midday. topping out in the low to mid- 90s. remember, the mid-90s won't feel as bad without a lot of humidity. bring lots of fluids and water if you'll be out and about during the course of your
8:15 am
afternoon. there's your satellite radar. notice the cloud cover as it's trying to creep into the carolinas. being torn apart. what's happening is an area of high pressure off to our south and west is dominating our weather. will keep things nice and dry around here, and with our winds shifting out of the south and west, it will be on the hot side again. winds shifted overnight. hot one later today. all that moisture you see to the west, that's the remnants of isaac, and will bring much needed rain to parts of the country that really need it. then that moisture will get picked up over the course of the weekend, and be drawn towards the washington area with a weak frontal system. bottom line for us, a hot one today with lots of sunshine. not expecting showers or thunderstorms today or tomorrow. headed to the beaches, beaches look fantastic to start the weekend. the second half of saturday, more cloud cover and by sunday and monday, we have an increasing chance of some tropical moisture moving in here. you want to be ready for that, as you get into the end of the
8:16 am
weekend. i think sunday and your holiday on monday will feature scattered showers, lots of humidity, plenty of clouds, and even the possibility of a couple of thunderstorms. here is your five-day forecast -- excuse me, your accu weather seven-day forecast. look at all those days. 95 today, and early next week, eventually 80 by thursday. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic with julie wright who has the very latest. julie, i hope you have a fantastic last summer weekend at the beach. >> it's not the last summer. i'm not going to let it happen. >> last summer weekend at the beach. >> i'm not trying to hear that, la la la la la. tucker, have a great 3-day weekend. on the roads i'm leaving you with troubled pights. northbound 395 north of duke street. road competely blocked off. nobody able to squeeze by on the northbound side of 395. hov is open for business. no problems there. again, it is the main line of 395 closed now with a lot of
8:17 am
fire and rescue at the scene of this accident. beltway inner loop, lanes are open. crash on the outer loop causing the backup leaving new hampshire avenue. now is the time to head out of time. busiest time between noon and 6:00 this evening. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you very much, julie. i mentioned the remnants of tropical depression isaac. we're going down to new orleans now. good morning, how does it look down there, elizabeth? >> reporter: good morning, tucker. we're seeing both sides of the spectrum. people in the city of new orleans trying to get back to life as normal. lsu is opening, the airport is opening. they're preparing for a big holiday weekend. that's not the scenario for those in the low lying areas both in mississippi and louisiana. just yesterday there were about 60,000 people in both areas evacuated from their homes, in fears there would be more levees overtopped. it will be some time before
8:18 am
they can return to their homes. there were fears a dam would not be able to with hold the pressure from the waters coming down from the north. showing you how huge this storm is. as far as a price tag, more than they initially estimated because the storm hovered for so long. the damage is much more widespread than we initially anticipated. now they're saying it could be up to $2.5 billion worth of damages after this hurricane, now tropical depression isaac. back to you. >> elizabeth, tell me about the power. people gotten the electricity back to their houses? >> reporter: they've got about a half million people still out of power. there's also about 150,000 people in mississippi. that being said, the storm is going through arkansas, it's fairly violent. so we could even be seeing more power outages in other states. power crews working 16-hour shifts here in louisiana to get
8:19 am
folks here back -- to get their lights back on basically. tucker. >> elizabeth, thanks for all your hard work the past couple of days. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks for having me. >> that's the latest with isaac. allison, over to you. thanks so much, tucker and elizabeth. chevy chase man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend while students at the university of virginia will spend the next 20 years in jail. yesterday a judge sentenced huguely to 26 years to prison. the judge heard testimonies about his violent encounters with other women and men. with so many young people leaving home for college this time of year, how do you protect your daughters from getting into dangerous situations or from forming potentially volatile relationships? joining us now is angela hattery, the associate director of women and gender studies at george mason university, and also the author of the new book
8:20 am
called "the social dynamics of family violence." and also "intimate partner violence" as well. this is the new book. we're happy you're with us today. >> thank you very much. >> we were all saddened to hear about the whole story down at uva, and i think the first question is, how in the world could this happen? how could it happen? but to you it's no surprise. >> it really isn't a surprise. unfortunately the case with george huguely and yeardly love is strange. but stalking, unhealthy relationships are happening every day on campuses. >> this starts earlier for our girls, especially, doesn't it? >> it absolutely does. it might start happening in high school, but parents are there to sort of be observant and take a look at what might be going on with their sons and
8:21 am
daughters. when they get to college, those eyes aren't there any more. >> how vulnerable are these young people when they go off to school? you have a daughter who has lived this drama-free life and goes off to school, meets this boy she likes and this boy is an abusive guy. what do you tell your daughters when they head off to school? >> i think some of the things happening on all campuses that people should be aware of are a mix of a lot of alcohol and the hookup culture. if that's not something that your daughter, son came out of high school with much experience, that will be troubling and they might not have a grounding or norm that they know how to behavior. there are also warning signs that girls and boys, young men and women, can pay attention to. >> let's talk about those. >> that would be great. there are three i'd like to light, because they look so much like an early relationship. one of them is popping up or intrusion. what that means is a new
8:22 am
boyfriend or girlfriend wanting to monitor your behavior all the time. it begins, as that's so nice, he left me a text as soon as i got out of class. it can turn into constant texting, that if you don't respond he might lose his temper and it could be violent. what feels like extra attention could be a warning sign for stalking behavior. another sign is what we call isolation. it starts off as, i'd really like to spend evenings just the two of us. can't just the two of us go out. a lot of young women talk about, when my girlfriend gets a boyfriend, i don't see her anymore. >> sure. a lot of older women, too. >> exactly. in a healthy relationship that will happen and the couple will reintegrate their friends back into their lives. but in a violent relationship, that isolation will continue. then she's isolated from the friends and family who would be able to see the signs and also
8:23 am
protect her. third one is jealousy. we see a lot of that in this case. he beat up another man for bring yeardly home. you want to be assured of that relationship, but over time that should decline. in an unhealthy, abusive relationship, that will continue. >> so much more to ask you. we are out of time. about 20 seconds or so. i have to ask you, okay, your daughter calls home, i don't know what to do. what do you say? >> get help. most campuses at george mason we have women and gender studies center, a sexual assault center and all campuses have those resources. she needs to get help. >> we have a link to your web site, or where you are. if there are other questions, like new see a friend who is in that, how do you get out? we have so many questions, so little time. we appreciate you being with us today. go on our web site,
8:24 am, you can get angela's information there and links to the books and if you need help, try to get some help. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
♪ seemed to me like you lived
8:27 am
your life like a candle in the wind ♪ wow. it is a moment people all over the world remember. the tragic death of princess diana. >> today marks 15 years since the people's princess was killed. hundreds are expected to visit her former home, the mother of prince william and prince harry was killed in a car crash in paris. she was just 36 years old. speaking of royalty, the world's most famous sister is making a name for herself again. she's writing a book now, pippa middleton set to publish a guide to home entertaining. the 28-year-old younger sister of the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, says it's based on her experience in her family's party business. it will be in book shelves in october. are you packing up this morning preparing to get out of town for the holiday weekend? >> don't leave the house before you hear what aaa's lon
8:28 am
anderson has to say. >> things are looking brighter today on the national mall. we are getting our reflective pool back. it is not a question, it is a fact. we'll check in with sherri ly just ahead. time now is 8:27, just about 8:28. we'll be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:31 now. tucker barnes rejoins us at the desk for an update on weather. >> still hot today. temperatures will soar well into the 90s. low to mid-90s. still will be hot. haven't touched the 90s a lot in the last couple of weeks. >> but we've braved 100-degree temperature. >> 105 i believe this summer. it was awful. sorry. let's get started with a look at your headlines. heating up today. back into the 90s for the next
8:32 am
couple of days. low 90s tomorrow. with more humidity. not so much today, but later tonight and particularly to start the weekend. good news today and tomorrow will be dry. looks like showers will return by sunday. headed to the mountains or beaches, they look nice the next couple of days. beaches look close to perfect this afternoon. new tropical storm, leslie. not expected to impact land areas at all for any time soon. brand-new storm. we'll keep an eye on that. overnight falling back into the 60s. hanging out in the 70s in town. 74 now in washington. 77 in annapolis. still pleasant off to the north and west, martinsburg 62. high pressure to our south keeping things dry. remnants of isaac to the west. that will be steered up and around the area of high pressure, will take a couple of days. i think tomorrow you'll see more in the way of cloudiness.
8:33 am
by sunday and monday, that tropical moisture will work in here. won't be a tropical storm. won't be a big threat. but plenty of moisture available. at least scattered showers and thunderstorms by late sunday and monday. here's your accu weather seven- day forecast. yeah, we're adding two bonus days. 95 today. sunday, monday, few scattered showers and storms with remnants of isaac. cool down a little bit, will feel like september the middle of next week, highs about 80 by thursday. that's the weather. back to you at the desk. tucker, thank you. >> it's an exciting day in the district after getting an extreme makeover, the reflecting pool will be open to the public. >> thank goodness. the final touches are being made and all the fences are expected to come down later this afternoon. our own sherri ly is live at the national mall checking it out. how does it look, sherri? >> reporter: it looks great now, and it will look even better once the fences come down. people are working really hard
8:34 am
now to get the reflecting pool ready. you can see they are cleaning up down here after our friends, the ducks leave behind a treat for us. we're told the fences will start coming down at 10:00, and at noon it will make its debut. the pool closed for construction in 2010 and took 20 months to complete. the national park service finished refilling it earlier this week from a tidal basin instead of city reserves. a filtration system was installed that will clean the water, and that was a huge improvement over the sometimes stagnant and smelly water. new lighting and wheelchair access. visitors notice the improvement. >> here we are at our nation's capital. it's like, you've got a dirt path that goes around it, and then now it is the most
8:35 am
beautiful, magnificent thing i've seen. if martin luther king were alive today, i bet he would be like, look at the progress we've made from where we've come from and where we are today. >> reporter: the pool is shallower and uses less water. and they have specially tinted concrete that will make it look a lot better and improve the reflectivity. that man told me earlier the one thing that's missing for it reopening, per se, tom hanks, forrest gump and jenny running. what do you think? >> i think if they could pull it off, people would love it. residents putting the pedal to the metal this weekend for the last holiday of the summer season. joining us is lon anderson, managing director of public and government affairs of aaa mid- atlantic. thank you. >> good to be here.
8:36 am
>> we've been saying all morning long, nearly 800,000 people. >> that's our projection, absolutely. >> that's a big number. up, right? >> it is. 3.5% jump over last year. i think what is really exciting is the fact each of the holidays we've had this summer, starting with memorial day and july 4th, have all been up. i think there's a great economic message here. i think in the washington metropolitan area, we're saying the recession is over, we're ready to travel again. the numbers are pregrade recession travel numbers. >> great point. with so many people on the roadways this weekend in this region, where do we think they're going? obviously i guess the beaches. >> beaches are number one. and of course, with the weather forecast we have going on, 95 degrees today, who isn't thinking beach? that's number one. other places that people like to go, of course, the mountains. other cities. you get a lot of washingtonens
8:37 am
that want to go to places like philadelphia and new york for holidays as well. of course a lot of people coming here. williamsburg and of course virginia and west virginia mountains are popular destinations. >> one thing we have going on with this particular holiday is gas prices. they are -- we've been told they actually went down a little bit in our area overnight. but typically they're going up right now. how do you see that impacting things and what are the gas prices looking like? >> now in the washington area about $3.80 a gallon. that's up about ten cents the last three or four days. most of that is the isaac effect. they shut down about 90% of the refining capacity in the gulf for a couple of days to let isaac go by. but that will start up very quickly. we've got strong supply. there's no reason this should be a lasting effect.
8:38 am
we're projecting that after labor day, vacations are over, america's driving goes down, so with the drop in demand we expect to see price drops. >> that will be good. have you noticed a trend, we were talking about this yesterday in our meeting, we used to talk about massive delays on friday, and on monday when people come back. seems to me people are stretching that out now and traveling on different days, so we don't see the, sometimes we do, but typically we don't see the major backups we used to see years ago. >> i think it's because we've been talking about how many people leave and we talk about the possibilities of the backups and i think people have gotten smart. i think we've seen people trickling out of town all week. i know there are rush hours, the last couple of mornings light. this morning a light rush hour. not to say we don't have the
8:39 am
potential for very heavy traffic outbound later today. i think we'll probably see that, especially on route 50, 66, 270, and 95, of course as always. >> want to ask you quickly because we're running out of time, construction projects around here, are they pretty much going to be on hiatus over the weekend? >> they are. but places like in the capitol beltway and virginia still lane changes. construction zones will still be in place. be careful going through them. but thankfully, over the holiday weekends all the department of transportation suspends construction. >> lon anderson, great to have you here. have a great weekend. >> you, too. thank you so much. a surprise retirement announcement in the world of tennis. and the count down to shutdown is on. strasburg learns how many more games he has to go. we have your sports news covered. >> plus the snooki burger, what's on it and how does it
8:40 am
honor the jersey shore's newest mom. the founder of the burger joint is here instudio with us, and maybe not the newest mom, but perhaps the most famous new mom from jersey. we'll be right back.
8:41 am
8:42 am
listen up, back with breaking news.
8:43 am
take a look at these pictures. an accident on 395 and it's shut down all the northbound lanes at duke street. 395 northbound lanes at duke street shut down. all the lanes now are shut down. this is a live picture of that scene. we understand delays are at least 3 miles long and are building rapidly. we'll bring you more on this as we have the information. a surprise announcement from a former number one ranked tennis player. andy roddick says he'll retire after the u.s. open which is currently going on in new york. roddick says he doesn't feel he is healthy nor committed enough to go another year. that's honest, right? the 30-year-old won the u.s. open in 2003. the end is near meantime for strasburg. the nats' manager informed his ace pitcher he has two to three
8:44 am
more starts before being shelfed the rest of the season. strasburg's season will likely end september 7th or the 12th. right around the corner. >> tough call. >> yeah. >> tough call. all right. the party is coming to an end on the jersey shore. what mtv says about the future of the show. plus we are serving up the snooki burger? what is on that burger that pays homage to the new jersey mom. we're going to find out. local e, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are celebrating the end of the summer with the national symphony orchestra as they gear up that are their annual labor day concert. we're at the kennedy center meeting the musicians behind the orchestra. it's all live next, fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
8:45 am
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8:47 am
♪ it has been a tradition
8:48 am
since 1979, the national symphony orchestra labor day concert at the capitol. you'll find s and what will sure to become favorites at the free event. >> holly morris is at the kennedy center. good morning. >> reporter: that's why they just say nso. it's a lot easier. when you're in the know, you say i'm going to go see the nso. they'll be playing this sunday as they do every year, labor day weekend. show time is at 8:00. it is going to be under the watchful eye of the principle pops conductor, starting your second season. >> my second year. >> reporter: i know the concert is like the end of the other season and you're celebrating the end of the summer. weighs your mind set -- what's your mind set? >> it's always a great time for families to come out and we're
8:49 am
celebrating america, great american worker, a lot of patriotic music, a little bit of john williams, a celebration of the great american river, with old man river, proud mary, fun stuff. casey at the bat, going to celebrate baseball season. the second half of the program is guest stars. bringing in a buddy of mine from new york city, talented pianist and song writer. he takes new songs and makes them sound old. >> reporter: which is the beauty of the pops. >> yeah. >> reporter: because it makes the orchestra, which some people might find intimidating and brings it down to songs they know. >> the pops is great. we can do everything from beethoven to the beatles to beyonce. today we have two of our
8:50 am
superstars of the orchestra. meet our brand-new principle percussionist, eric schinn. >> reporter: good morning. >> and this is our principle -- >> reporter: both on staff at the university of maryland. you're going to teach us a little bit here? >> absolutely. right here we have a line of instruments, mostly used in pops concerts. will be a bunch of these with steve over here. this is the triangle. the triangle, we have a couple of different ways to play it. we can play it without our hands on it to get an open tone, or closed to get a closed tone. sometimes you'll hear like -- [ triangle playing ] >> reporter: i don't think i've ever heard the triangle groove that much until now. >> this is the background of any sort of groove.
8:51 am
a typical pattern would be like -- [ playing triangle ] >> reporter: i like it. >> here we have the shaker, which is like the train of the group. keeps like a constant flow of notes going. [ playing shaker ] >> reporter: got it. only got about a minute. i want to make sure we get our performance in as well. >> okay. here we have the odd man out. you rub this stick and kind of a -- ♪ >> reporter: sounds like something i could play. i want to make sure we get our groove on, there's a lot of pressure in the percussion section. everyone is relying on your beat, right and everyone knows when you mess up? >> very true. >> reporter: how do you handle the pressure? >> try to be as prepared as possible so you don't make mistakes. >> reporter: what should i play? >> how about the triangle? >> reporter: what did you say about it? >> it's a very important instrument. you wait around 20 minutes and
8:52 am
you play two notes. >> reporter: i got it. you're going to tell me when to play? >> yes. >> reporter: oh, you're going to play, too. let's get our groove on. ♪ >> go for it. ♪ >> reporter: is our web site. we have a link to the national symphony orchestra. the concert this weekend is free. we'll talk more about the whole new season coming up. back to you. >> we were grooving to the music. >> thanks, holly. >> check it out, no more snooki or the situation. the cast of the jersey shore will hang up their leopard print tube tops. it's the end of the era as it kicks off its final season
8:53 am
october 6th. snooki is now a mom and she has a spinoff with her best friend jwwow. >> are we speaking of snooki? the burger joint is bringing back the famous snooki burger. the snooki burger with a baby slider on the side. mark, don't bring back anything else. >> available for a limited time. do we have -- here we have the burger and we have mark with us. sarah simmons has joined us. >> we have to come up with a situation burger. >> yeah. >> with the ribs. >> ribs, six pack on the side. >> i like that. >> you guys are hired. >> welcome back, mark. >> thanks. good to be here. >> what makes a snooki burger? >> yeah, what's in it? >> first off, a little cheesy,
8:54 am
got cream close. >> okay. >> little spicy. we have jalapeños. think jalapeño popper, burger de constructed. the orange fries -- >> her complexion. >> very good. >> we did this two years ago when she got arrested. we commemorated the arrest with a snooki burger. when she was pregnant, we've had baby snooki slider on our docket for three months. >> that's how you get it. >> that's it. >> you get the baby slider with it. >> yeah. >> i think it's precious. >> of course. >> a lot of people wondered because the whole thing is meat ball, so why not a meat ball sub or something? >> this is from two years ago. >> yeah. >> so maybe when we do the jersey shore cast commemorative burger. >> i like it. >> is this a big seller? >> it's a popular seller.
8:55 am
either love it or hate it. the haters don't try it. ready to try it? >> yeah, let's try it. >> we've got allison covered. i know from doing thanksgiving with allison before, we've got her covered. >> i'm not sure -- >> what are you not sure about? >> cream cheese on a burger. >> you have to try it. >> i have a suggestion, you need sprouts. >> you're hired as well. >> i really like it. because the spicy -- the cream cheese cuts the spiciness of the jalapeño. >> not bad. >> it is pretty good, right? >> uh-huh. >> what's in the mojo sauce? >> i can't tell you.
8:56 am
it's a secret. >> i'm sorry. >> stuff. >> we're going to finish eating. go see mark at the closest restaurant and we'll be right back.  
8:57 am
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8:59 am
the chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. [ applause ] >> it is back to the campaign trail as republicans wrap up their convention. a live report from tampa straight ahead. >> and what is your dream car? this morning wisdom is showing us how you can drive


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